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What do you want what do you look for
where is the meaning that fell from your hands
The music you alone hear and the naked
Feet that shift earth like a dancer’s
While the comet of her hair tosses and a spark
Falls before you on the carpet
Where you watch the truth deceive you.

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Ah first ardors faintly impressed on my sheets. Oh female angels
Who signaled to me from on high to advance fearlessly into the thick of things
Since even if I were to fall from the window, the sea
Would be my horse again
The sun knows. It descends into you to see. Because outside things
Are a mirror. Nature dwells in the body and takes revenge from it
As in holy wildness like a lion’s or Anchorite’s
Your own flower grows
which is called Thought
(No matter that, by studying, I have arrived where
I always used to arrive by swimming)
Wise men have a finite space
And the same space is given to children but

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